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Thank You, Monday!

Not everyone loves Mondays. Students. Employees. Who else? It is usually a day after the weekend. And it means back to work, to school, stores or businesses, or what-have-yous.
But today's Monday is special for Gilas fans. Last night we were worried because of that game against Japan. It was a 50-50 game. And everyone at the back of their heads must be thinking: You don't beat Iran next day by winning against Japan this way. Iran beat Japan last time out by, what 38 points?
Iran is on top of our Monday agenda. For us Gilas fans, we were worried more about this game. For a time we forgot about our bosses and co-workers. Today we didn't think much about school and classmates, well, except talking about the game with them.
And worrying actually on how to sneak and watch the game even on smartphones courtesy of the school library's wifi. It was hard. I heard some who did watch at the library and by their office cubicles. It was an agony. You couldn't shout your heart out…

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