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Loco Over Logos

We love sports logos, don't we? Let's not go far, just look at basketball and we see a lot of good if not great logos. From the NBA to its D-League. Also the PBA has some very recognisable team identities. For a basketball fan, a kickass logo is a must.

Are You A Nominal Ginebra Fan?

You must've heard about "nominal catholics". Yeah, usually they're born to catholic parents, been baptised and all that, grew up a catholic, went to Sunday mass as a kid tagging along lola or mama. But when that baby has since become a lady or a gentleman, he's not seen even the vast entrance of a cathedral. Sa madaling salita eh, eto yung tinatawag na KBL catholics. Not referring here to the infamous Marcos political party. KBL stands for Kasal-Binyag-Libing. Or simply put—katoliko lang sa tatlong pagkakataong nabanggit!