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What Will The Pacman Wear?

We've heard, read, tweeted, facebooked almost everything about the current Manny Pacquiao issue. Instead of dwelling on a very tacky subject matter about religion, morals, sexuality and all—well—maybe let's just focus on the stuff that somehow binds us all without a doubt and prejudice—sports!

In this case, basketball!

Interview with the Lobo

It's an historic game 7.
And almost every party involved were asked for a word or two.
They were saying bonuses not as important as the prestige of coming back from a 0-3 quagmire.
The other team saying they've never been motivated to finish off what they have started.
But one thing for sure is left in the dark. Literally all by their lonesome at the rafters.

Hashtag: Oh Cutie Pie!

It's been a while. Well, maybe a month. No, double that!

Sobrang naging busy yung holidays. And as expected the laundries were as horrendous as the EDSA traffic. Perhaps as endless it seems as the queue in the MRT everyday.

But nonetheless we're back to regular programming.