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Numbers Do Or Don't Lie?

There's just five of them. At this juncture, we already know who these candidates running for the presidency are (as well as those vying for VP).

But lest we forget there are senators that we have to elect. (Yeah, heard some guys out there shout from the top of their lungs: Manny Pacquiao!) There's a dozen vacant seats awaiting them at the Senate. But there's like 50-ish candidates and do you know each of them? I bet it's hard to remember all. Why, Kilala mo ba si Win?

Except for those who are popular enough (read: rich enough to afford tons of TVC). Otherwise it's really hard to remember and earmark each candidate the moment you are there in the voting precinct ready to shade the oval next to the corresponding number and name.

Boss, Ticket?!?

And so we heard today. Finally. The news about the ticket.
Not talking about the Liberal Party ticket. Or any other political ticket out there who are all busy beating the clock as the May 9 National Elections draw nearer and nearer each day.