Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Boss, Ticket?!?

And so we heard today. Finally. The news about the ticket.

Not talking about the Liberal Party ticket. Or any other political ticket out there who are all busy beating the clock as the May 9 National Elections draw nearer and nearer each day.

We're more concerned about the ticket to the Manila Fiba Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) which will be held on July 5-10, 2016. Or as most Duterte supporters slash basketball fans would say: The first international event that will be personally graced by the new Philippine president, Digong. To which Mar Roxas fans would immediately quip: "Not so fast. The Fiba OQT was very much a part of the Daang Matuwid, therefore, in the spirit of continuity it is much more appropriate that this most awaited event will see a Roxas presidency grace the occasion". Oh well, you mentioned "grace the occasion", so it's moot and academic as to which is the most appropriate name to "GRACE" the Fiba OQT in Manila, right? But wait, there's more! Since Gilas Pilipinas daw is the "dark horse" in this NBA player-flavoured tournament, the Vice President believes he deserves to be it!

Aaah, whatevz!

Now back to the ball game.

Save the date, mga ka-Gilas Fans: April 26, 2016.

This day will be like a scrambling for #pisofares airfares for millions of Pinoy basketaball fans. Or as scalpers who are grinning ear to ear right now would say: "Maaga ang Pasko!"

So there you go. The ticket prices as follow:

For the Regular Games:
VIP: P10,000
Patron: P8,500
Upper Box: P400
General Admission: P200
For the semifinals:
VIP: P12,000
Patron: P10,000
Lower Box: P8,000
Upper Box: P400
Gen. Ad: P200
Now if you just watched Madonna's concert at the MOA Arena not too long ago and again about to break the piggy bank for this, how about getting a season pass with these following price tags: 
VIP: P47,000
Patron: P39,500
Lower Box: P31,500
Now, I wouldn't mind the GA seats (Read: It's Tuition Fee Time!). It's really fun up there. The shouting. The human waves. The jeers and cheers (please don't bring the drums, sayang pa ang space for human noise and warm bodies). And the nose bleed seats of MOA Arena are still okay. I remember seating there during the Taiwan-Gilas game last time we hosted Fiba Asia. It was one big family affair up there.

So what now, mga ka-fans? Abangers we all are right now! San ka man mauupo, iisang team tayo! Isang malakas: Laban Pilipinas. Puso!!!

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