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With few days before the FIBA Olympic Qualifiers, many of us still feel that this is just too daunting a task for our version 4.0 of our #Gilas12. If we were to make the Olympics it should’ve been much earlier. It’s a classic naiwan ng last trip syndrome. But that’s another #CryingJordan over spilled milk. Which just brings back a lot of hatred, if not animosity. All negativity of sorts. We can easily name it, bullet for bullet, tweet for tweet. Let’s just get over it and be mindful of what’s in the NOW.

Relax Pilipinas, Ang Puso!

Ilang tulog o gising nalang (depende kung mas madalas kang gising o tulog), bakbakan na. Oops, hindi nina Baron Geisler at Kiko Matos (lalung-lalu hindi rin nina Snow at Dennis, okay?). Balik tayo sa Gilas. Ohyeah, umpisa na ng FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament! 

Kume Duterte

Hello there fellow PBA fans (and non-fans)! What if President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte is actually THE Philippine Basketball Association's current commissioner?

Oh come on, you still with me?— if you're not too busy, then let's go sago!
Here are 10 THINGS we probably can expect from a Duterte Commissionership in Asia's first professional basketball league: