Monday, January 16, 2017

#GilasLeaks: The 24-man Pool Reveal

First things first. Happy New Year! Well, am I too late to the party? Okay, there's 300-something days before Christmas, so then. This blog's been in deep slumber for quite some time. Yeah, laundry, chores and all. The usual.

Now where were we? Oh, there. As I was checking Yahoo Groups (yeah right, they still exist and mind you, this website is secretly under geocities; oh btw, please don't forget to give us a "testi" on friendster, okay?).

Now, I chanced upon this very intriguing revelation about the recent Gilas 24-man Pool! It's not exactly about the names of who's making the pool, just yet. Now here's what we have uncovered about the Gilas 24-man "reveal". Tadaaan!:

Ohhh, sayang, the file got corrupted. We're almost there. Of course we assume the first twelve will be made up of the Gilas Cadets who bannered last year's Rookie Drop, este, draft.

2017 is a very interesting year for Gilas Pilipinas. And of course for us ardent Gilas fans. Who do you think will crack the 24-man pool? 

Would love to hear your thoughts, mga ka-fans!

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