Friday, April 28, 2017

Bloodbath Manila

The nights are dark. There's eerie silence as bodies lie flat on the dark murky pavements. We expected moments like this. A lot of this kind actually. A murder like no other. A rampage that leaves every countenance unidentified. Embarrassed but expecting something like this to happen. Every night leading to bleak mornings. Red letters written all over the storied walls. Blood...

Blood the effin' what?

Hey. Wait. What were you guys thinking? This isn't another Pulitzer-winning journalistic narrative by the New York, Cubao Times.

We're actually—arrogantly and condescendingly describing the nights of #SEABA2017 come May12 to 18.

Damn so mean and brutal, right? We now offer our collective apology.

Well, what do we expect? With an all-pro, PBA superstars cast plus–hold your breath—Andray Blatche—do we expect Gilas Pilipinas 5.0 (or v5.1, v5.131416, whatever version you may call it) to struggle and be gentle towards our ASEAN basketball neighbors? Which ASEAN team can match head-to-head, toe-to-toe with this killer line-up? Singapore? Indonesia? Thailand? Myanmar? China! (Huuuy, it's South East Asia, the South China Sea—make that, West Philippine Sea connection of sorts—doesn't make them part of our basketball region!)

Look who's finally coming home to play for Gilas!

Unless Gilas is due for an ambush right at a blind corner spot. Like how European and FIBA America powerhouse teams felt when Gilas 2.0 scared the crap out of these giants last FIBA World Cup in Spain. Remember those glorious moments? What if Myanmar has some surprises up their sleeves? A more hybrid player than the best ever hybrid called Jordan-Pippen? Luhhh! 

We're here to win it all. Hence the overkill lineup. We must win otherwise we cannot set our foot forward to the bigger battles. Not to disrespect or humiliate our siblings within our ASEAN family, this tournament is the tournament that matters most for basketball-crazy Filipinos. We have our eyes set on FIBA Asia Cup and all the way to returning to the World Cup in 2019. Should we lose this one, then it's the day all our hopes are dead. Like a lifted TRO on the Torre de Photobomber of Manila! Convicted and guilty beyond reasonable doubt of letting this one slip past our huge and mighty grip of basketball advantage!

But nonetheless we cannot afford to be uber confident, right? We're just making sure all bases are covered. Yes, there'll be exhausted fallen bodies laying flat on the hardwood after each final buzzer. Frustrations can be painted on our opponents' faces. The scores can be murderous, disrespecting and brutal as it may brutally sound. Of course no cardboards will be hung on their necks with the now-infamous word written: "Nanlaban!"

(via The #Gilas12 for #SEABA2017)

But most importantly, we will still be the gracious and hospitable hosts to our brother Southeast Asians. We will offer them the best of what our country can give. This warmth and electrifying basketball culture synonymous to being called—a Filipino!

So mga ka-fans, aren't you blooody excited for the imminent #SEABA2017? See you at the games. Or if not, we can always high five on social media come game nights!

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