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Gilas Meets Universe

It’s the season once again. Nope, sorry Christmas. It’s not YET you that we’re talking about here.
Gilas season is upon us. Woops, BUT—not so fast.

Kayoed Before the Opening Bell?

(Updated as of 112117, 09:52H) Not too long ago we heard and were excited about a new grassroots development league launching. And a country mad about hoops didn't think twice welcoming this exciting idea. We were even more surprised (or not at all) that the league's acronym begins with the initials "MP"—reminding us of one legendary boxing great (who by the way was a PBA playing-coach—yes—believe it or not, this is a fuc—uhm—FACT 😱 and not some fakenewsery). And then add the customary kicker "BL" for Basketball League. And it's good to go.
Well, you know who we're talking about, right? 😜


It's crippling. Yeah, sorry for desecrating the PBA logo. But this is just how the PBA pictures itself right about now.

The issue is just so pressing and went out of the roof. And it seems it isn't moving forward just yet. 😩