Thursday, November 2, 2017


It's crippling. Yeah, sorry for desecrating the PBA logo. But this is just how the PBA pictures itself right about now.

The issue is just so pressing and went out of the roof. And it seems it isn't moving forward just yet. 😩

Have we seen an impasse like this before in the PBA? There was once, but that was regarding the basketball governing body. That's why we had the SBP (there was BAP) and eventually got to join international competitions again as soon as the FIBA ban was lifted on the Philippine federation.

But here we are again. When we thought that divisiveness was just within the four corners of DDS and Dilawans, well it's not. We loved watching the PBA because DDS and Dilawans can cheer together. Or DDS trashtalk against one another as they cheer for their respective teams.

But here we are again, divided. Crippled, as it were. 

We'll not go back to how things went awry that led to this stalemate among PBA owners. Everybody knew what happened.

What we want to hold on to were the gains the PBA was reaping before all this mess. The record attendance in a Finals match. Of course, Ginebra winning back-to-back Governor's Cup championships. We're excited for Gilas as we near the all-new World Cup Qualifiers home and away games.

And then this happened. As if the NBA injury scares in their openers weren't enough to shock us all basketball fans. Now back home we witness a scary fall. Is this a career-ending injury? Is the PBA out for the season? Day-to-day? This is much worse pain than that Gordon Hayward freak accident.

The PBA falls flat. And it's us fans who are grimacing in great pain. 😖

For injuries they take time to heal. For the PBA, we do not know what's next for the league. For Gilas? Much worse, we might not have the best personnel made available.

PBA has been synonymous with the word basketball in our country. Without it, basketball might not have achieved this amount of growth in the sport.

We hope the injury will heal sooner than expected. #SaveThePBA

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