Friday, December 8, 2017


Here's another shot at hosting the #FIBAWC. Can we finally nail this one? Of course we're teaming with Japan and Indonesia this time around—so this sounds really very exciting. This side of Asia will definitely create a great vibe in the region and the whole wide world.

Perhaps we can collectively call ourselves: JAPINAS—all three co-hosting nations are covered. JAP—that's of course Japan. Then INA is the official abbreviation for Indonesia and definitely ours—PINAS—Philippines! Or maybe NOT. 😂 (Let's leave the naming stuffs to "The Dean". 😉)

It's still six—make that, five years from now. A lot of things can happen. But we definitely can all be excited for this one. The five-year wait isrelativelya lot and by that time we'll be seeing a lot of changes too from the government down to our house pets. Some could be living in a different country by then. Or for othersfinally seeing themselves back home in our beloved native land. We can look at our kids today and we add up five more years, and that will spell a lot of difference. Some may finish college. Others will see their kiddos start their early education. Take a look at your significant other. Some relationships may have broken up. Others mended. And some married and with more kids by then. Or your hunk crush must've married another hunk by then. On the political scheme of things, some may have a great sigh of relief for a country to have endured such "darkness". Or not-so-fast: we could be living with the same president we have now. Now think about it for a second.

Well, we're glad we have sports—or basketball, in this case—to keep us going. Perhaps, something that binds us no matter the differences and filters each of us personally carry.

Now leave our worries behind.  No matter what, we all will look forward to this celebration. For once in our life as a nation we are united to make this part of the world, the centre of the world by hosting the 2023 FIBA World Cup.

One thing is sure. We all will be ballin' no matter what! Let's make some noise. Hashtag: Play Louder In 2023.

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